‘”Keeping it Real” is the phrase that comes to most peoples minds when they hear John speak. He has a unique way of communicating biblical truths – inspiring and down-to-earth!’

John Onelum has been involved in church leadership for several years and has had the opportunity to pioneer churches in the UK and support church groups overseas.  He has been an accredited minister with the Assemblies of God GB since 2010.

John also used to be a community organiser and worked at a thriving community hub in East London just before he came to Hampden Chapel. He has a keen interest in Christian social action and relishes the challenge of conveying the Christian message of renewal and hope in unique ways to the non-church community of Hackney.

John is married to Angela, a teacher, and they have three daughters. In his spare time, John enjoys reading, ‘trying’ to stay fit, and watching cooking programmes with his girls…though not all at the same time!

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