In partnership with Hackney Learning Trust,  ESOL & Employability classes will be delivered at Hampden Chapel (during term time) starting Tuesday 19th September 2017

ESOL [English as a Second/Other Language] classes are very important as they not only support learners develop language skills for their daily lives, but they help learners’ confidence and knowledge of the local community. As part of the initial assessment, we ask learners why they want to learn English and the most common answers are to deal with their daily lives, to find a job (or a better one) and to support their children at school.” Hackney Learning Trust

The classes will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, 1.00 pm – 3.00 pm

Please contact Silvia Perin (ESOL Curriculum Manager) for more information about the sessions, assessments and how to book your place – e.  t. 0208 820 7171.